Craft Brewing Loses A Pioneer

Today is a sad day for craft beer but specifically Louisiana Craft Beer. On Thursday November 1st, Abita Brewing Founder Partner Jim Patton passed away due to unknown causes in Miami. He was 59 years young. While he was working on starting a new brewery in Miami, he will be remembered mainly for his pioneering spirit that launched the 13th craft brewery in the country and the first in the South. In 1986 Abita Brewing Company released its first beer at 2 locations in South Louisiana. In the first year Abita brewed more than 1500 barrels of beer. Now the company produces more than 125,000 barrels and is available across most of the United States.

Jim’s passion and legacy will live on through not only his family he has unfortunately left behind but through every pint of craft beer consumed in LA. Because not only did Jim’s actions spur Abita to craft beer greatness but gave other brewers the confidence that owning a craft brewery in the South could be a successful business. I do not know many craft beer drinkers in LA who did not get their start on Abita Amber, including myself. We could not be more in debt to his originality and passion. I imagine that many will return to one of his beers this evening.

(Raises Proverbial Glass)

“Here’s to Jim. A Craft Beer Legend. Pioneer of Louisiana Craft Beer. Cheers”

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