Is Craft Beer Healthier For You Than Wine?

That’s what some experts are thinking…And hell, they’re experts, so we’re running with this.

Here’s the deal…

While doctors and researchers have been quick to hype the heart healing properties of red wine, a new study has revealed that craft beer might be even better for you than initially thought according to the Drinks Business.

A recent study by California’s Polytechnic State University, has found that craft beer, which is typically less pasteurized than its mass-marketed Big Beer counterparts, actually contains more “good things” such as niacin or vitamin B3, and brewers yeast, which has already been proven to lower bad cholesterol.

‘We all know that a glass of red wine is good for you, but it turns outs a pint of craft beer is better…it has got more good things in it,” Professor Mike McCullough, who led the study, told AAP.

Your instances of heart disease and your instances of type 2 diabetes decreases on an amount that’s comparable, if not a little bit more, than if you are drinking red wine,” he added.

While McCullough said that both have the potential to prevent type 2 diabetes and heart disease, he did suggest that craft beer gets less credit because of the unhealthy lifestyles more often linked with beer than with wine.

“You associate a beer drinker’s diet with nachos and unhealthy eating habits,” he said, “but the trend with more differentiated beer and higher-end beer is that you are eating it with meals.”

Clearly beer’s historical subtext is tainted by a not-so-subtle classism which sometimes can color even the most scientifically sound research.

Whether honestly acknowledged by social watchers, one would have to agree that even today wine is more commonly associated with the more moneyed classes…and beer more directly aligned with the working man (read: proles) and the middle class.

And this recent study helps further redeem beer’s apparently tarnished image with regard to health, especially when compared to wine.

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