Craft Breweries Get Serious About Non-Alcoholic Beer

, Craft Breweries Get Serious About Non-Alcoholic Beer

(Heineken 0.0)

We drink professionally here at American Craft Beer…But as much fun as living the drinking life can be…It’s always a good idea to give your liver a break from time to time.

And we’re not the only ones thinking that way…, Craft Breweries Get Serious About Non-Alcoholic Beer

Embracing a more healthful and clear-headed lifestyle, millennials and younger are abandoning alcohol products in droves. And this migration away from alcohol hasn’t gone unnoticed by a beer industry that is now taking the non-alcohol segment seriously.

The origional non-alcoholic pioneers, beer like O’Doul’s, were so tasteless as to broadcast that the brewer’s hearts weren’t really into it. But as more and more consumers forgo alcohol, brewers are getting more deliberative about crafting non-alcoholic beers that not only drink authentically but taste great as well.

Last year AB InBev announced the creation of a new chief of non-alcoholic beverages officer as a means of boosting its footprint in the non-alcohol sector.

10% of its total business is already dedicated to non-alcohol brands like Beck’s Blue and Budweiser Prohibition, and the company is projecting that 20% of the world’s beer production volume will move to non-alcoholic or low alcoholic products by 2025.

Heineken introduced Heineken 0.0 in 2017 and it’s now one of the brewery’s bestsellers. Guinness responded in kind, with their own non-alcoholic alternative, Open Gate Pure Brew, and it’s also been on roll., Craft Breweries Get Serious About Non-Alcoholic Beer

Although late to the non-alcoholic game, craft brewers are rapidly catching up with the global Big Beer players while expanding the segment’s possibilities…

And the good news is that there now some very decent non-alcoholic craft beers you can enjoy when you decide to take a drinking sabbatical.

BrewDog, who once brewed what was then considered to be the world’s most alcoholic beer (the End of History Ale), have delivered an incredibly flavorful alternative for those not interested in getting buzzed. Fueled on an abundance of Centennial, Amarillo, Columbus, Cascade and Simcoe hops that are tethered to a sturdy, yet never-overbearing malt backbone, BrewDog Nanny State is a full flavored NA craft beer that gets the job done.

Launched in 2017 London’s Nirvana Brewery is only about buzz-free craft beer. Located next to the bustling waterways of the River Lea, already home to some epic craft breweries, Nirvana Brewery now offers a full line of non-alcoholic beers craft beers that compete with the best.

, Craft Breweries Get Serious About Non-Alcoholic BeerIn the US, a Saint Louis craft brewery is shaking things up in the world of non-alcoholic brewing…

Founded by Jeff Stevens, a drinks business professional who gave up alcohol many years ago, Wellbeing Brewing Company is the country’s very first brewery solely dedicated to brewing non-alcoholic craft beer and it’s also one the best.

Crafted with the athletic beer lover in mind, WellBeing Victory Wheat is a full-flavored wheat ale infused with replenishing vitamins and minerals as well as anti-inflammatory micronutrients. That’s a lot of clear-headed bang for a performance beer that’s still only 85 calories per 16oz can…

And Wellbeing Hellraiser Dark Amber, which the brewery states was “brewed to raise hell, responsibly,” is buzz-free drinking that’s aggressively hoppy and convincing.

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