Coors Banquet Is Giving Away A Fully Restored ’77 Firebird

, Coors Banquet Is Giving Away A Fully Restored ’77 Firebird

(Courtesy Molson Coors)

Coors Banquet, which was born in Golden, Colorado in 1873 and is brewed there exclusively to this day, has long and avid cult following.

And due to its limited distribution, which until 1976 was available in just 11 western states, fans would drive huge distances to score a case. And over the years Coors Banquet, (which received its “Banquet” moniker from miners back in the day who considered it a fancy beer) it has been smuggled all over America.

, Coors Banquet Is Giving Away A Fully Restored ’77 Firebird

(Courtesy Netflix)

In the late 1960s, its scarcity helped cement the beer’s cult status. According to Thrillist, “Eisenhower and Gerald Ford packed it aboard Air Force One, and Ford had it served at the White House mess every Thursday.”

The beer has been a long-time touring companion of Keith Richards when the Stones hit the road.

Coors Banquet also recently starred as the beer of choice (and sometimes all-night companion) for failed Karate teacher, John Lawrence in Netflix hugely popular Karate Kid spinoff, Cobra Kai, which led to the beer’s biggest sales boost in 30 years.

And starting on June 11, Molson Coors, who produce the heritage lager, is celebrating the beer’s “cultness” with a new campaign that combines a treasure hunt with another cult “get”, a fully restored ’77 Firebird.’

But you’re going to have to be in Colorado, have a valid driver’s license and be 21+ to participate.

You can enter by registering HERE. The hunt for the car will begin on Friday, June 11 at 7 am MT, during which time participants will receive their first of five clues directing players to a Colorado location.

There will be a QR code at each correct clue location – snag a selfie at the physical clue location, scan the QR code with your smartphone and you’ll receive your next clue.  The hunt will close once the car is found and an official winner is verified (or after 72 hours).

, Coors Banquet Is Giving Away A Fully Restored ’77 Firebird

(Courtesy Molso Coors)

Coors Banquet is also complimenting its “Stolen, Smuggled and Sought After Since 1873” campaign with a series of videos directed by Janusz Kamiński, Steven Spielberg’s longtime cinematographer who worked on films such as “Saving Private Ryan” and “Schindler’s List…all of them voiced by the legendary Sam Elliot.

“These stories have been told through pop culture for the past 40 years, Nigel Jones, senior marketing manager for Coors Banquet explained to Beer & Beyond. “Every family has a story about an uncle who came back from Colorado with a trunk full of Banquet.”

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