Bud Light Introduces $10 Million Summer Fun Stimulus Plan

, Bud Light Introduces $10 Million Summer Fun Stimulus Plan

(Courtesy Bud Light)

With COVID-19 cases slowing and everybody’s stimulus checks already spent, Bud light is offering its own stimulus campaign to get people back into the world again in a fun way.

And we’re talking $10 million worth of fun.

, Bud Light Introduces $10 Million Summer Fun Stimulus PlanBud Light’s playfully named “Stimmy” proposal includes…

  • 100,000 free tickets to sporting events: Fans from more than six sports leagues and 70-plus teams will receive tickets to “get back in the game” as COVID-19 restrictions ease.
  • Free round of Bud Light at the bar: Celebrate the reopening of your favorite sports bar by ordering a Bud Light and getting your tab covered.
  • Free live music tickets: As live music returns, the nation’s #1 bestselling beer will offer free tickets to fans for shows at local amphitheaters. Who and “when” is still up for grabs but do we really care?

“Bud Light knows people across America are eager to get back out there in a big way, and we wanted to serve up an offering that would help everyone have an epic summer,” says Andy Goeler, VP of Marketing Bud Light. “As one of the leading beer brands in the industry, we feel it’s our obligation to welcome consumers back to the places they enjoy Bud Light – their favorite bars, sporting events and live music venues – when it’s safe.”

And to introduce Bud Light’s re-entry proposal Anheuser Busch has produced a fun video starring the hilarious Sam Richardson from Veep.  The spot showcases a reading of snippets from Bud Light’s “Stimmy” proposal, including fan benefit highlights and ultimately encourages people to endorse the plan.

This from Bud Light…

“Bud Light is proud to introduce the Bud Light Summer Stimmy proposal to bring back some much-needed fun and be sure everyone across America has the best summer ever. But we need your endorsement to make it happen.”

“By endorsing you are pledging to have an epic summer and will be the first to know when the Stimmy has been approved!”

If you are ready to support the Bud Light Summer Stimmy package simply head HERE now and endorse the platform.

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