Brewpub Debuts Wisconsin’s First CBD Infused Beer

The Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co. has launched what they say is Wisconsin’s first CDB-infused beer and its drawing crowds that want to “feel better’ about what they’re drinking.

Here’s the deal….

Madison, Wisconsin’s Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co. is championing drinks with CBD, the non-psychoactive element found in Cannabis plants that is increasing being credited with all kind of health and wellness attributes.

Working with GreenRX a local heath store also based in Madison that offers a wide variety of CBD-related products, the brewpub is now offering CBD-infused beer, cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages.

CBD is believed to provide relief from pain, inflammation and anxiety, and we’ve got to think that beer infused with CBD, can’t hurt, especially when you hurt.

With that in mind, Great Dane Pub debuted Green Glory CBD APA at all its locations this week.

A new spin on the brewery’s Simcoe and Mosaic hop-fueled Old Glory APA, Great Dane’s Green Glory is a traditional 5.5% ABV American Pale Ale infused with what many contend is a health elixir, CBD.

Touted as the first commercially available CBD infused beer in Wisconsin, Green Glory is currently available as a draft-only offering at all the brewpub’s locations. And each serving contains 7 milligrams of CBD.

Co-founder and master brewer Rob Lobreglio explained to Channel 3000 “that in the past, breweries in Wisconsin tried to package CBD-infused brews and got into legal trouble. But after taking a second look, he found absolutely no laws that prohibit what his pub is doing: selling CBD-infused drinks in-house.”

“I hadn’t seen any Wisconsin beers brewed with CBD, and knew we could combine the best of both worlds for our customers,” Lobreglio added.  “We’ve experimented with beer recipes for nearly 25 years, so it’s only natural for us to brew a CBD-infused beer such as Green Glory.”

Eric Stifel who manages Great Dane’s Downtown location told American Craft Beer that Green Glory’s Thursday launch was a huge success…“Crowds had already gathered when tapped our first keg of Green Glory…We ended up going through four kegs in four hour.”

When asked how the CBD-infused Green Glory differed from Great Dane’s Old Glory, Stifel said “that it had a fuller mouthfeel” adding that “they are both terrific American Pale Ales.”

And with Congress’s passage of the US Farm Bill this week, which redefined hemp (one of CBD’s biggest sources) as an agricultural product rather that a banned substance, we expect to see more beers like Great Dane’s Green Glory and New Belgium’s The Hemperor on the horizon.

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