Cascade Brewing

Portland, OR


939 SE Belmont Street
Portland, OR 97214


Hours Sun – Mon: Noon – 10pm Tues – Thu: Noon – 11pm Fri – Sat: Noon – 12am


Cascade Brewing Company was established in 1998 by Art Larrance, who has been involved in Oregon's craft beer industry since its inception. Art co-founded one of the state's first microbreweries, Portland Brewing, as well as the Oregon Brewers Festival, which today is one of the world's preeminent craft beer festivals. Cascade Brewmaster Ron Gansberg got his start in the Northwest wine industry. He crossed over in 1986 and began an eight-year career at BridgePort Brewing Co., where he honed his brewing skills, then moved on to the equipment and engineering side of the industry. As Engineering Manager at BridgePort, Ron directed the design and installation of the 80 bbl brewhouse that is still in operation. Together, Art and Ron put their 40 years of beer experience to work, designing and installing Cascade's state-of-the-art 10 bbl brewing system in SW Portland, then creating and distributing well-balanced market-priced ales ranging from Pale Ale to Copper to Blond Bock. As the quality of the beer improved, they began to sell through distributors, increasing production to satisfy the wholesale market. Cascade Brewery is situated in the Pacific Northwest, a region renowned for its craft beers - the Portland metropolitan area has 42 breweries, more than any other metro area in the US, and is the nation's largest craft brewing market. Even though there are an abundance of breweries in this area, it's highly competitive. To stand out amongst this group, you need to push the envelope and be out there to get to your niche and magic elixir. Today, Cascade's inventory has swelled to more than 400 oak barrels with another 100 awaiting filling. Once filled, these barrels will age and condition - along with bottles - in the new Cascade Brewing Barrel House, a 7,100 sq. ft. former produce warehouse in Southeast Portland. Of the 7,100 sq. ft., the pub takes up 2,100 sq. ft. On the aging side - not open to the public - we can house up to 600 wine, whiskey or port barrels as well as bottles for filling and aging. The barrel room is specially designed to keep the sour beers at a proper temperature for aging, specifically the cultivation of bacteria that give these brews their distinctive tang. Eventually, we will fill, label and ship all bottled products from here.

Family of Beers:

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