Upslope Brewing Company

Boulder, CO


1501 Lee Hill Road No 20
Boulder, CO 80304


Tastings, Tours & Pints SUNDAY-THURSDAY: 2-9 PM FRIDAY & SATURDAY: 2-10 PM 1501 LEE HILL ROAD No 20 BOULDER COLORADO 80304 (303) 449-2911 [email protected]


How it all started - A dream, a brewer, and a girl Upslope began with a home brewer named Matt, who had a lifelong dream of crafting premium beer for an active lifestyle. Then Matt met Dany, who owned the world's southernmost brewery, in Argentina. Dany liked brewing beer down south just fine, but he fell in love with a Colorado girl and had to follow his heart. So Matt recruited Dany to Boulder and Upslope was born. After careful brewing and testing, we pumped out our first batch of Pale Ale for public consumption in the fall of 2008. Soon thereafter, we concocted our tasty India Pale Ale. Both beers are hand-crafted daily in our North Boulder facility, hand-packaged one can at a time, and hand-delivered in our natural gas-powered delivery van. You could say we're handy.

Family of Beers:

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