BrewDog Plans For Aggressive Expansion In 2019

BrewDog, BrewDog Plans For Aggressive Expansion In 2019

Having just opened their latest Equity for Punks funding effort, the Scotland-headquartered global brewer has already hit a cool £1M, and they’ve announced spending plans for the £7M that they hope its latest round will generate.

Outpost BrewPubs

With demand for its craft beers growing exponentially in Europe, BrewDog plans to spend its next £4M to open new BrewDog Outposts in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

A departure from its extensive bar network around the world, BrewDog’s Outpost Brewpubs offer not only a rotating list of core offerings and guest selections, but also exclusive, one-off creations from its on-site brew pub.

BrewDog, BrewDog Plans For Aggressive Expansion In 2019

Increase BrewDog’s Brewery Capacity in Scotland

BrewDog is planning to put at least £1M back into its eco-brewery in Aberdeenshire to increase the company’s fermentation capability and overall capacity.

Turns out It’s not just in central Europe where demand BrewDog’s beers is soaring. Sales continue to rise in the UK (a good problem to have) and this expansion has been on the brewer’s “to-do” list for a while now.

BrewDog, BrewDog Plans For Aggressive Expansion In 2019

BrewDog Plans New ‘Hop Drop’ Delivery Service

BrewDog intends to introduce its own beer delivery service in 2019 and will commit £1M to ensure that consumers have access to the freshest beers at the click of a button.

Hop Drop is BrewDog beer available on demand (draft and packaged), which will be cold-delivered direct to consumers from the company’s nearest bars in ten UK cities.

BrewDog, BrewDog Plans For Aggressive Expansion In 2019

DogHouse London

As we recently reported, BrewDog will be opening a beer hotel in the center of the United Kingdom’s largest city….most likely an existing hotel that can be retrofitted to meet the company’s beery needs. And they’ve committed at least £1M from their latest funding drive to the effort.

DogHouse London is a continuation of the company’s growing commitment to the city, which In addition to having acquired the enormously successful Draft House craft beer chain, also runs 14 bar’s across London and in England’s southeast.

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