BrewDog Plans For A More Earth-Friendly Future

, BrewDog Plans For A More Earth-Friendly Future

(Courtesy BrewDog)

“If we don’t have a planet to brew beer on, then our whole business is pretty pointless.”   – BrewDog co-Founder James Watt

When BrewDog commits to something it’s seldom a PR stunt (even though the Scotland headquartered global craft brewer is good at those as well.

The Scotland-headquartered, and now global brewer, has already introduced a whole slew of green initiatives at their outlets around the world. But they’ve just begun and here’s some more earth-friendly plans they’ve got in the pipeline…

, BrewDog Plans For A More Earth-Friendly Future

(Courtesy BrewDog)

24 To Zero

BrewDog has pledged to o make its Ellon, Scotland brewery completely carbon neutral in 24 months’ time. Ambitious…no? BrewDog doesn’t think so.

And in addition to that the brewery is also planning to become a “zero waste” business in that same two year period.

BrewDog’s plan looks something like this…

“We have applied for planning permission to build the anaerobic digester plant in Ellon which will turn our waste water into clean water, green gas, organic fertilizer and food grade C02. We are also installing a C02 recovery system which will capture the C02 produced during fermentation (meaning it does not escape into the atmosphere) and then we can use it to carbonate our beers downstream.”

Upcycling Food Waste

UK brewers like Toast and Northern Monk have long championed using food that would go to waste in the brewing process.

And now BrewDog is getting onboard…

“Food waste is a major global problem. We are working with our retail partners to find innovative solutions to food waste.”

“Firstly, the Overworks Cosmic series is now going to be made with fruit which has been rejected from our supermarket partners and secondly we are working to replace 15% of the grain bill of Indie with surplus bread that would otherwise be wasted.”

, BrewDog Plans For A More Earth-Friendly Future

(Courtesy BrewDog)

Columbus Hop Farm

BrewDog plans to begin growing its own hops on its Ohio brewery compound this year…

“We are going to start installing a hop farm on our Columbus campus later in 2020 to help ensure that at least some of our ingredients don’t have to travel between farm and brew kettle.”

“In addition, we are now sourcing a significant amount of our malted barley from within a few miles of our Ellon brewery.”

BrewDog Tomorrow Bar

BrewDog is working with Mike Berners Lee and design partners at Made Thought to create a new blueprint for a sustainable bar for the future and is looking for greener ideas that it can implement throughout its entire network of more than 100 BrewDog Bars and Outposts to make them even more sustainable.

, BrewDog Plans For A More Earth-Friendly FutureThe Future Is Now

And it’s not over until they say it’s over according to BrewDog co-Founder James Watt…

“This is just the beginning for us and our mission to become the most sustainable drinks company in the world. We are currently also exploring initiatives for all our breweries globally and also for all of our bars too as well as working across our entire supply chain, to ensure the utmost focus on sustainability at every step.”

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