BrewDog Moves To Make Stone’s Brewery In Berlin Their Own

On April 5th Stone announced that it was selling its iconic Mariendorf gasworks brewery in Berlin to Scotland’s punk brewers BrewDog. Stone found it a costlier venture than they had anticipated and BrewDog, who already run a successful bar in Berlin, was game to take it on.

Co-founders James Watt and Martin Dickie recently traveled to Berlin to explore ways to make what Stone started their own…And here’s some of the changes we’ll soon be seeing when BrewDog takes over….

 “In terms of the building itself we are going to move the bar to put it front and center in the middle of the space, in front of the brewhouse, to create an amazing beacon for the beers.”

“We will be maintaining the amazing atmosphere of the building, retaining the trees and adding in our own BrewDog style while keeping with this iconic gasworks.”

But in addition to changing up the logos, the beers themselves and the restaurant’s menu, BrewDog is planning to enrich its Berlin experience in a number of ways.….To make it the beer destination that Stone Brewing had hoped it would become.

Homebrew Kits

BrewDog will be installing eight 50 liter brewkits which visitors looking to take their homebrewing skills to the next level can enjoy.

BrewDog Berlin will have its own brewing experts on hand to a help guide that experience and all the ingredients necessary to brew world-class beer.

Co-working Space

BrewDog Berlin will soon be introducing a co-working space. So if you hot-desk or freelance in the city, you’ll soon be able to do it in an evocative setting with SERIOUS beer.

Berlin Craft Collective

BrewDog Berlin will also be launching a collective effort at its Mariendorf gasworks compound where small craft brewers and aspiring brewers can start and scale up their businesses on a 10HL pilot brewing system…and have those beers showcased at DogTap Berlin as well as at all of BrewDog’s bars all over Germany.

Craft Beer Museum

BrewDog will also be introducing an epic beer museum at their Belin complex similar to what they instituted at their American brewery in Ohio.

European Punk AGM 2019

On September 7th BrewDog will be celebrating its newest home by hosting its European AGM at the Berlin campus complete with serious drinking, killer live music and all the festivities that surrounds the company’s Equity Punks annual gatherings.

And finally to announce the launch of its new brewery, Scotland’s punk brewers will be crafting a special beer in Berlin just for the German market.

And according to the company it’s going to be a hopped up Helles, “paying tribute to a classic German style while putting a BrewDog spin on it.”

All image credits: BrewDog

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