BrewDog Announces Its Blueprint For 2019 And Beyond

Brewdog, BrewDog Announces Its Blueprint For 2019 And Beyond

BrewDog’s James Watt and Martin Dickie

Scottish craft brewery, BrewDog, has unveiled something they call ‘The BrewDog Blueprint’…an ambitious business manifesto that they’ll be putting into place over the next 12 months and beyond.

And here are some of the Blueprint’s highlights…

BrewDog Will Be Hosting An ‘Open Day’ For Craft Beer Professionals

As part of BrewDog’s commitment to making positive contributions to the UK craft brewing scene, the company will be hosting an open day at its brewery in Aberdeenshire, Scotland on November 19th and “inviting anyone who works for a UK independent craft brewer to visit the facility, attend seminars on subjects from sales to brewing, to export and quality.”

They will also be hosting a beer dinner at BrewDog Castlegate that evening and covering everyone’s accommodation for the night. To participate professional should email [email protected] with your name, title, and the brewery you work for.

Brewdog, BrewDog Announces Its Blueprint For 2019 And Beyond

BrewDog’s Hop Hub

BrewDog’s new distribution center, Hop Hub, which is set to open near Glasgow in November will be Europe’s first fully refrigerated beer warehouse. Once launched BrewDog will lay claim to Europe’s first fully chilled supply chain.

With this investment BrewDog furthers its commitment to beer quality, as it looks to keep beer cold for as long as possible in the supply chain.

And in keeping BrewDog’s commercial instincts Hop Hub will also feature a small tap room and takeaway shop.

BrewDog Foundation

The Blueprint also unveils the BrewDog Foundation, a £1million annual fund that will be donated to charitable causes chosen by the brewery’s team and Equity Punks.

The BrewDog Foundation is an evolution of its Unicorn Fund that launched in 2016, and saw BrewDog share 10% of its profits amongst its employees and an additional 10% being contributed to charities.

For a company of its size, this mammoth fund is indicative of the brewery’s commitment to using its global success for good.

Brewdog, BrewDog Announces Its Blueprint For 2019 And Beyond

BrewDog Development Fund 2.0

To help smaller breweries flourish, the Blueprint also revealed that the BrewDog will be relaunching a “bigger and better” version of its Development Fund and making up to £200,000 available each year to help small craft breweries and start-ups get established.

In addition to financial support, BrewDog will also be providing material support to brewers such as help with sourcing ingredients and brewing materials, offering its state-of-the-art laboratory for beer analysis, and supporting them to grow sales by introducing recipients to its international sales network.

BrewDog’s first Development Fund partner is Dope & Dank, a US-based initiative on a mission to bring craft beer to a more diverse audience in the US and around the world.

Brewdog, BrewDog Announces Its Blueprint For 2019 And Beyond

BrewDog Blueprints Beer Plans

BrewDog also revealed plans to start producing some of its classic beers in cask, as well as reviving iconic recipes from the past decade as voted for by its community.

And in an effort to reignite its heritage for barrel aged stouts, BrewDog will be introducing The Hinterlands and returning to barrel-aging with a vengeance.

With the launch of Hop Hub and to help change how people think about beer, BrewDog will be introducing 30 Day IPA. This 6.1% ABV West Coast IPA will have a shelf life of only 30 days. And it will only be sold when BrewDog can guarantee that the beer will be stored cold, end to end, meaning

Working with industry icons like Sierra Nevada’s Ken Grossman, Victory’s Bill Covaleski and George Schneider from Schneider Brewing, BrewDog will also be introducing a series they call Draft House Ultimate Collabs that will be featured at its recently acquired Draft House craft beer chain.

And finally BrewDog will be releasing its most historical beer ever…Allsops IPA. Working with a world renowned beer historian Martyn Cornell, BrewDog will take the most evocative beer style of the craft beer revolution, the India Pale Ale right back to its 18th Century origins.

All image credits: BrewDog

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