Best Beer Variety Packs: Widmer Brothers Hefe 12 Pack

, Best Beer Variety Packs: Widmer Brothers Hefe 12 Pack

(Courtesy Widmer Brothers)

Summer is just around the corner and American craft brewers are welcoming the warming weather with fun new variety packs that make buying beer in bulk cool again.

And Portland, Oregon-based Widmer Brothers Brewing is looking to summer with a new variety 12-pack built around a heritage style they’re renowned for the American Wheat Beer style. Widmer Brothers’ new Hefe Variety Pack includes the brewery’s flagship Hefe Hefeweizen along with uber-interesting wheat ale variations.

“When Hefe was first brewed, the Widmer Brothers knew they had something special. Fast forward nearly 40 years to today and Hefe is still bringing beer drinkers together and receiving accolades,”

“The Hefe Variety Pack pays homage to the original by featuring curated renditions of the classic style’s most flavorful and delightful variations,” said Kaylen Gibbens, Widmer Brothers Brewmaster. “It also adds a contemporary twist, highlighting the versatility of wheat beer and bringing a modernized flair to the timeless brew.”

, Best Beer Variety Packs: Widmer Brothers Hefe 12 Pack

(Courtesy Widmer Brothers)

And here’s what’s in it…

  • Hefe: When Hefe was first brewed in 1986, the Widmer Brothers knew they had something very special on their hands. From the floral notes of citrus to the naturally cloudy body and refreshing finish, Hefe was unlike anything they’d ever tasted before. What they didn’t know was that this golden, yet cloudy brew would become an international staple of craft brewing and forever known as America’s Original Hefeweizen. 4.9% ABV.
  • Imperial Hefe is a bigger version of The Original American Hefeweizen, boasting both a big ABV of 8.0% and prominent tropical hop notes that live up to the legacy of the Widmer Brothers’ flagship brew. Imperial Hefe is a great example of balance: a bold wheat beer that remains smooth, delicious, and elegant. 8.0% ABV.
  • Widberry Hefe is produced with the plump, sweet, and delicious flavors of juicy blackberries that are lovingly combined with our signature wheat beer to capture the true taste of summer in a can. Refreshingly smooth and fruity, Widberry Hefe creates a unique drinking experience that can only come from that magical place where the berries live and grow. 4.9% ABV.
  • Apricot Hefe: Apricot Hefe was first introduced as Velvet Summer, the brewery’s summer seasonal in 2023. This fan-favorite, now available year-round in the variety pack, is a version of Hefe brewed with sun-kissed apricots, unlocking a refreshingly fruity, bright and juicy flavor profile perfect for any time of year. 4.9% ABV.


Want more fun variety packs this summer?

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