Beer Funding Website Helps The Furloughed

Furloughed, Beer Funding Website Helps The FurloughedWith The US government shutdown at an impasse, and more than 800,000 furloughed employees no longer receiving their paychecks, it’s understandable that many in DC feel the need for a beer…And that’s where PayitFurloughed comes in…

Here’s what we know…

As embarrassing as it is to explain to the rest of the world, parts of the US government shut down on December 22nd after President Donald Trump and lawmakers failed to reach a deal to allocate $5 billion to fund the construction of a Mexican border wall.

The President sees building a wall on the United States’ southern border as essential to the nation’s security and the opposition party ,who disagree with the president’s position and now control government funding, are refusing to grant him the money he’s asked for…

The shutdown, which ends funding for around 25% of federal services and leaves 800,000 members of staff without pay, means that government agencies must postpone all non-essential work until the government is restored.

Furloughed, Beer Funding Website Helps The FurloughedThe US has a history of government shutdowns (always issue related) but this is the longest shutdown ever. And even though many DC restaurants have already begun offering freebies to the furloughed, no one has stepped up to offer them a beer…until now.

Taking a pay it forward approach, provides a unique opportunity for concerned citizens to offer their assistance – one beer at a time.

This first of its kind ‘beer funding for the furloughed’ idea is a collaborative partnership between Atlas Beer Works, DC Brau, culinary incubator Mess Hall, food writer Nevin Martell, and app development agency 3Advance.

And it couldn’t be simpler….

Furloughed, Beer Funding Website Helps The FurloughedDonors just log on to the site and choose how many beers they would like to add to the fund: 1, 2, or 6 at $7.50 per beer. Walla…good deed done!

The website smartly features a live tacker so that employees can check how many free beers are available to them at Atlas Brew Work taproom and the DC Brau compound.

Then furloughed workers just have to visit the breweries to enjoy free drinks when they display their federal identification.

There’s no limit right now on how many free beers a federal employee can collect…And as the shutdown enters its fourth week that’s welcome news to the many suffering from this fiasco…

(Updated 12:30 pm) Since publishing 3 Stars Brewing has announced they are now participating in the PayitFurloughed  program…


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