Beer Crime: NZ Man Smashes Cars With Axe After Drinking 48 Beers

, Beer Crime: NZ Man Smashes Cars With Axe After Drinking 48 Beers

48 beers is a lot of beer. But it’s long been our position that axes and beer are NEVER a good idea….just sayin.’

And a New Zealand man who according to the Otago Daily Times, pleaded guilty to an axe-smashing rampage after consuming 48 beers, might now agree…

“Karl Edgar Littlejohn (38) appeared in the Dunedin District Court yesterday after pleading guilty to possessing a weapon and two counts of intentional damage following the June 2 incident.”

Tempered by having consumed two cases of beer (hey it was the weekend), Littlejohn became enraged when a friend who’d lent him his car six months earlier came with another companion to reclaim his unreturned vehicle.

, Beer Crime: NZ Man Smashes Cars With Axe After Drinking 48 Beers

Dude, I need your car…

Not having any of it, Littlejohn went into the house and came out with an axe and jumped ugly …

”He began yelling at the group and chasing them down the street while in possession of the axe,” police said.

“He smashed all the windows of the first victim’s car before turning his attention to a Nissan belonging to another,” according to police reports that were secured by the Daily Times.

Upon his arrest Littlejohn did own up to having consumed a concerning amount of beer but  unfortunately the beer-fueled incident came while the defendant was already on bail, the New Zealand paper reported…

“Littlejohn made headlines in mid-2017 when he was jailed for 23 months for ram-raiding two service stations in the same night and making off with $6000 of cigarettes.”

That misstep alone would have discouraged us from lending Littlejohn our car, but evidently he has (had?) some good friends…

Littleton, who pleaded guilty on September 11th, was sentenced to 12 months’ supervision, 150 hours’ community work and ordered to pay $1500 for the damage he caused with the axe.

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