Beer Buzz – A Record 400 New York Breweries, Australian Beer Biz Booming And More!

The beer biz never sleeps at American Craft Beer. And here’s some of what’s been happening in the beer world, while you were drinking yourself stupid last weekend.

Are New York State Craft Breweries Reaching A Saturation Point? (Albany, NY) –  Home to 19.85 million, New York State had 400 licensed breweries as of February, surpassing the record of 393 that was set back 1876 according to the Times Record. In fact the number of licensed breweries is up almost 700% from the 50 that were online in 2011.

New York is currently home to 44 restaurant breweries, 151 farm breweries (a special designation championed Governor Andrew Cuomo) 144 microbreweries and 51 breweries that hold both farm and ‘micr0’ licenses. The other 10 breweries are large independents.

New York State now has the third most breweries in the county, behind California and Washington, and with roughly one new brewery opening every five days according to the NY Liquor Authority, industry watchers are beginning to ask ‘how long this kind of growth can go on.’


Words To Drink By (New York) – “This growth is not sustainable and you’re going to see more closings for sure” – Paul Leone, Executive Director of the New York State Brewers Association


Beer Biz Booms in the Land ‘Down Under’ (Australia) – According to the Brewers Association of Australia, beer is added an incredible $17 billion to that country’s economy in 2017 where it currently commands more than 1% of that island nation’s economy.

95% of all beer sold in Australia is brewed locally and that production process has generated more than 143,000 Australian jobs

Words To Drink By II (Sydney, Australia) – “Every Australian schooner of beer sold in pubs and other licensed premises contributes $6.24 to GDP” – Brett Heffernan, Brewers Association of Australia

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