Beer Buzz – Medical Pot Sales Found To Reduce Alcohol Use, Changes At CAMRA And More!

December’s arrived…and clearly the craft beer biz isn’t slowing down any time soon. But no worries, Rumor Mill is always on the case, keeping you plugged in into all the beer news and lifestyle that matters. Plus we’ve an all-important update on what we’ve been drinking lately and you don’t want to miss that.

Study Finds That Medical Marijuana Legalization Impacts Alcohol Sales (USA) – A trio of researchers recently released a study designed to gauge the impact of legalized medical marijuana on alcohol sales. And we have to ask… why survey states that have not legalized medical marijuana? Why not address states where recreational pot is legal? But whatever…

Their methodology was relatively straightforward…The researchers targeted states that had enacted medical marijuana laws (MML)  and then measured the sales of alcohol using scanner data in those same states at the county level.

For each state that passed an MML law, they also compared its alcohol sales to states that hadn’t legalized medical marijuana.  And they found that counties located in states where medical marijuana had been legalized saw that same states monthly alcohol sales drop by 15 percent!


Last Words To Drink By (Nine Mile, Jamaica) – “Money can’t buy life.”  Bob Marley, Jamaican singer and songwriter


Big Changes At CAMRA (London, UK) – Colin Valentine announced on Monday that in April, 2018 he’ll be stepping down from his role as national chairman of industry body Campaign For Real Ale (CAMRA), one of the United Kingdom’s most important industry voices.

This key CAMRA executive change-up  coincides with the completion of CAMRA’s Revitalization Project,  a wholesale review of the organization’s purpose and strategy that could potentially turn that body’s focus away from real ale, TO ALL beer drinkers and all pub-goers regardless of what they drink.”

What We’ve Been Drinking Lately (Crozet, VA) –With December’s temperatures falling, we’re drinking more robustly here at the ACB compound and last night we tapped something special from Starr Hill’s Box Of Chocolates Stout Pack. Starr Hill Peppermint Double Bass is a rich cocoa-infused 7.8% ABV Imperial Stout that’s been fresh mint-conditioned.

Pot Beer Image Credit: Mitchell Maglio

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