Beer Alert – New Rustic Saisons, Imperial Stouts And Fruit Sours

Wood-aged wonders, barrel-aged exotics and fruit-forward sours dominate our latest collection of brewed offerings for June…And we’ve five high-octane craft beer directions that you’re gonna want to chase down as we dive into summer.

Sweetness Sours (Atlanta, GA) – SweetWater Brewing recently released a great new summer option that’s as sweet as it is tart. Fruity, effervescent and sessionable and slightly sour SweetWater Tropical Lover is a 4.5% ABV American-style Berliner Weisse with refreshing hints of mango, passion fruit and guava that brighten the tart finish.

Farming The Job Out (Kansas City, MO) – KC Bier Co. recently released their first bottled seasonal beer EVER! Hazy, golden and brewed with a rare yeast strain from the Alsace region of France, KC Bier’s Der Bauer (The Farmer) is a hazy and golden 7.8% ABV Belgian-style Farmhouse Ale that was crafted rustically without any sugar, adjuncts or flavorings.

Tropicality (Boulder, CO) – Upslope Brewing has just released the latest from its popular Lee Hill Series of uber-small batch offerings. Inspired by the classic Hawaiian juice blend, known as POG juice, Upslope’s Lee Hill Volume 16 – Tropical Fruit Sour Ale is a 7.3% ABV Golden Sour that’s  blended with more than 500 pounds of passionfruit, blood orange, and guava. Available now, at least while supplies last, the Lee Hill Volume 16 comes in generous 19.2 ounce cans, so you know what to do.

So Sue Me (Decorah, IA) – on June 25th Toppling Goliath Brewing will be returning a GIGANTIC IPA named after the skeletal remains of a T-Rex that’s the centerpiece at Chicago’s Field Museum. Brewed with reckless amounts of Citrus hops, Toppling Goliath King Sue is lusciously hazy 7.8% ABV Double IPA with monstrous notes of mango, orange, and pineapple. And it’s available for the first time ever in the 16oz 4-pack can format.

Stout Stuff (Lawrence, KS) – Free State Beer just released an enormous Imperial Ale that’s been three years in the making. Barrel-aged to perfection in American whiskey barrels, McCormick distillery barrels andn Templeton Rye whiskey barrels for more than 36 months, Owd Mac’s Imperial Stout is a 12.5% ABV dark, rich three-barrel blend that’s well worth the 36 month process that went into crafting it.

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