Beer Alert – 5 Fall Craft Beers For The Season

beer, Beer Alert – 5 Fall Craft Beers For The Season

There’s no turning back…fall beer season is ON. That’s what’s at retail now and what we’re excited about …And we’ve 5 exciting new seasonal offerings that you’re definitely going to want to chase down.

Fresh Hopped (Hood River, OR) – Early fall is hop harvest season in the Pacific Northwest and Full Sail Brewing has a new Brewmaster Reserve release that was brewed using eight pounds of local, freshly harvested Centennial hops per barrel. Pungent yet hugely aromatic, Full Sail 8 Pound Pale Fresh Hop Ale is a 5.6% ABV hop-lovers delight.

Wake Up And Smell The Aroma (Juneau, AK) – Alaskan Brewing recently teamed up with Heritage Coffee Roasting to craft an eye-opening fall seasonal that’s a welcome break from the expected pumpkin beer releases. Brewed using a selection of Brazilian Paixao beans, Alaskan Heritage Coffee Brown Ale is a 7% ABV handcrafted amalgamation of bright roasted coffee and rich English malts.

The Alt-Pumpkin Universe (St Paul, MN) – With the days a getting cooler and the nights much longer, Summit Brewing is all about their fall-flavored beers. And they’ve something a little different for you this season that’s inspired by the world-class pale ales of Belgium’s West Flanders region. spicy and immensely floral, Summit Belgian-Style Pale Ale is a 5.5% ABV limited edition seasonal that’s a Midwestern autumn in a, Beer Alert – 5 Fall Craft Beers For The Season

Pumpkin Is As Pumpkin Does (NYC) – The Brooklyn Brewery has returned a popular fall seasonal that takes its inspiration from early American brewing techniques. Using hundreds of pounds of fresh pumpkins in the mash of EVERY batch, Post Road Pumpkin Ale is 5% ABV exercise in informed seasonality with a bready malt backbone, and crisp festive finish.

Gordian Not (Austin, TX) – Jester King recently released a new mixed culture creation that is as close as this hill country brewery is ever going to get to a traditional pumpkin beer. Brewed with grilled pumpkin, fig leaves, wood sorrel, and horehound, Jester King Autumnal Dichotomous, is a 5.3% ABV Farmhouse Ale that’s primed for the season.

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