Cask & Larder

Winter Park, FL


565 West Fairbanks Ave.
Winter Park, FL 32789


Here at Cask & Larder we call ourselves a "Southern Public House" with a distinct sense of pride and place. Since the waning days of Prohibition, circa 1929, when Francis Harper took over a failed feed store near the railroad tracks in Winter Park and turned it into a tavern (yes, bribes to the local authorities might have been involved), generations of thirsty, hungry people have found their way here seeking good food, good drink, and good company. Cask & Larder pays tribute to this legacy by creating a congenial neighborhood gathering spot where our made-on-site beers flow freely (hence, the cask) and the pantry is always full. Long ago, the term "larder" applied to a storing area for meats and fish, typically the coolest room in a house. Modern refrigeration has since come along, but we honor the traditions of whole cookery by curing our own meats, canning our own preserved fruits and pickled vegetables, seeking out the best local fish and shellfish, and doing everything we can to make sure Cask & Larder is the coolest room in these parts. Many of you know us from our sister restaurant, The Ravenous Pig, just down the street. Like all siblings, we celebrate our differences while sharing common traits--in this case, a steadfast dedication to artisanal foods with a modern sensibility and an unyielding devotion to creating dishes in harmony with the season. Whether enjoying our roasted oysters with a glass of house-brewed beer or chowing down on fried chicken and whole roast duck with a tableful of friends, we thank you for joining us to help carry on the tradition of this storied place.

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