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Warren is the former Assistant Editor & Portland Correspondent for American Craft Beer. Creator of "The State of American Craft Beer" series, he now maintains his own site at

The State of American Craft Beer – Montana

I’m sure you’re as shocked as we are that we’ve passed the halfway point by reaching the 26th state on our list, The Treasure State, Montana. More commonly known as Big Sky Country, the state’s name of Montaña is Spanish for “mountain” or “mountainous region.”

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What The Hell Is a Cream Ale?

As the days and blades of grass grow longer, so too grows our need to stay hydrated whilst pushing heavy machines across the yard. Yet having a beer called a Cream Ale doesn't exactly sound like the best option to satisfy that thirst. Or does it?

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What the Hell Is a Session IPA?

Although the Session IPA name is an oxymoron unto itself, we just couldn't help ourselves in tackling one of the more complex and controversial beers today. So we're going all in on one of the world's most popular styles: the Session IPA or India Pale Ale, 

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Vancouver Brewfest, Spring Edition

Being a Portlander, I am spoiled. Every weekend there's at least one beer festival or big release going on, if not every day of the week now. Just as Portland's growing population has spilled north over the banks of the Columbia River, so too has the city's artisan brewing culture.

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One Day In Bend: Everything’s Coming Up Deschutes

The first time we came to Oregon, determined to plant our flag in the fair City of Roses, we decided to eat lunch at the Deschutes Pub in the Pearl District. A gorgeous space furnished with the intent of fusing the comfort and hominess of Bend with the modernity of the big city, we fell in love with the food, the beer and the vibe. 4 years later, on a whim, I ventured to the mecca of Oregon brewing for the first time to revel in Bend's biggest success story, the Deschutes Brewery.

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The State of American Craft Beer – Alabama

With our headquarters in Washington DC and the bulk of our correspondents found near America's top producing craft beer regions on the coasts, it only makes sense for us to start a new series giving all the states their due, featuring breweries large and small, plus the histories behind them.

For the sake of clarity and with an eye toward avoiding any bias, we're doing this thing alphabetically. So the first state to take the plunge is sweet home Alabama which stands 23rd in total population (around 4.8 million) and sustains a state brewers guild of 27 brewers.


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Good Thing We Took Pictures at GABF

For most, a trip to the Great American Beer Festival is a dream come true. And why shouldn't it be? Access to 710 brewers serving more than 3,500 beers and unlimited pours (one ounce at a time) should be reason enough. Yet there is so much more to the weekend, so we at American Craft Beer, along with the rest of the media in attendance, got a special behind the scenes look at all the event has to offer. The real trick was to take enough pictures to remember it all. We tried...

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