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Warren is the former Assistant Editor & Portland Correspondent for American Craft Beer. Creator of "The State of American Craft Beer" series, he now maintains his own site at

Craft vs. Macro: America’s Evolving Beer Landscape, Part 2

The long established craft brewers are downsizing because their model, built on the three tier distribution system, is now being nudged off shelves by fast-growing upstarts with unique offerings, a growing retail market of locally focused brewpubs and mass-produced “craft brands” owned by established macro brewers.

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The State of American Craft Beer – North Dakota

In case you missed the last 33 states, we’re doing this thing alphabetically. And we’re shocked to have made it all the way to the 34th state on our list, The Peace Garden State, North Dakota. Their nickname is derived from the International Peace Garden that’s split in half between ND and Manitoba, Canada.

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The State of American Craft Beer – North Carolina

In case you missed the last 32 states, we’re doing this thing alphabetically. And we’ve now managed to stumble our way to the 33rd state on our list, The Old North State, North Carolina. Also known as the Tar Heel State, a moniker coined by General Robert E. Lee who once referred to the state’s soldier’s in the Civil War as “Tar Heel boys,”

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American Craft Beer’s Best Albums of 2016

Popular music is often a reflection of our culture at any given moment, yet also serves as a safe and comfortable departure from it, especially in times of turmoil. While we could have added at least another 10 albums to this list, we hope you enjoy what we found to be the strongest standouts of them all.

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The State Of American Craft Beer – New Mexico

We’ve apparently swilled our way to the 31st state on our list, Land of Enchantment, New Mexico. The state’s official nickname was emblazoned on license plates starting in 1941, not only to denote it’s scenic beauty but to also drum up tourism.

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