Australian Brewery Feels The Heat Over Ultra-Offensive Beer Name

An Australian Brewery recently released a beer with a name so provocative that it ignited a social media firestorm. And in the world of sexist beer names this one is up there!

Warning: Adult content

Black Hops Brewery in Burleigh Heads, Australia generated instantaneous outrage with the announcement of a New England-style IPA that was unfortunately named Pussy Juice.

And adding fuel to the fire, the beer’s announcement on Facebook came with a poem that was equally offensive…

“Wet and ready right in front of you, a ripe and juicy peach,” the company posted.

“And you know you could taste it all if you had the balls to reach.

“Take it roughly in your hand and tear away the seal.

“Lap the liquid lustily while devouring your last meal.

“Press the face towards the opening as you drink the goodness in.

“Tilt your head back just a little now it’s dripping down your chin.

“So good it must be heaven as you shed one single tear.

“Get your mind out of the gutter boys it’s just a can of beer.”

Within hours, the beer’s name and the poem that came with it elicited more than 200 comments (most of them pissed) …And responding to the maelstrom the Gold Coast brewery issued a public apology.

According to the Daily Examiner, the name, which was actually a female employees’ Idea “was expected it to be seen as a pro-women celebration” but clearly it was not…and the brewery admitted that it had “pushed the boundaries a bit too far.” (Yah think?)

“In hindsight, we can see that while people who know us would get the references in the beer name, others who don’t have got reason to be upset.

“As a new business, it’s been a lesson for us. We’ve taken the post down and also taken the decision not to sell the beer under this name.”

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