An American Craft Beer Take On Marijuana Legalization

, An American Craft Beer Take On Marijuana Legalization

With Amendment 64, the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act having recently won approval from a majority of Colorado voters, it appear s that the state’s populace is ready to move beyond marijuana prohibition, as they did eighty years ago when they voted to approve the repeal of alcohol prohibition. And whatever your position is on the subject, there is no denying that there is a growing trend (at least at the state level) suggesting that many Americans are increasing open to repealing what they see as marijuana prohibition.

Sound familiar? We thought so…

We don’t drug test at the American Craft Beer offices. And although we’ve not surveyed one another, many of us have most likely, smoked pot back in the day. Marijuana is not what we are all about at American Craft – we’re about serious beer. But both worlds do share some similarities and you’d be lying to deny that.

Lest we forget…Alcohol is also a drug.

If you’re a regular reader of ours you know that we are firm in our opinion that mood enhancement is one of the reasons we all drink. The subject of buzz is almost verboten in most industry circles. It’s like it doesn’t exist. Sure you can talk about a craft beer’s taste, its nose, its pour, even its ABV…but God-forbid you ever acknowledge that you enjoy its high. Most people drink because they like how it makes them feel and they enjoy that feeling. We are all about telling the truth at American Craft…and that’s the truth.

Yes drinking, like marijuana usage, can be problematic for some…

We all know people who’ve had problems with alcohol and/or drugs. Some members of the American Craft Beer team no longer drink. Is alcohol potentially dangerous for some who drink it? There’s no doubt that it can be for some people. Is Marijuana a gateway drug? For some the answer is a resounding, yes……for others, not at all.

Bottom Line…

What’s going on now with state’s increasingly challenging, and with some states like Washington and Colorado actually changing laws prohibiting marijuana usage, is EXACTY the same kind of movement that eventually led to the repeal of the Volstead Act many years ago! And to say it’s any different is just delusional.

It’s a Question of Freedom and Fairness…

We at American Craft enjoy drinking and we are thankful that prohibition was overturned so that we can enjoy our craft beer legally. Shouldn’t marijuana smokers be afforded the same opportunity?

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