, AMERICAN CRAFT BEER’S “SUMMER’S COMING” WEEKEND PICKSHey it’s the weekend…Work’s thankfully done and you’re in serious need of some serious fun. Well good, because there’s lots going on. From the nation’s coolest beer events, to movies, music and cutting edge TV – we’ve got you covered.  Plus we’ve another weekend beer pick for you, because we know you’ll be drinking.

A Whirlygig Weekend (Minneapolis, MN) – One of our favorite breweries on the face of the planet, Indeed Brewing is returning their annual spring shindig that’s part of the city’s Northeast Minneapolis’ Art-A-Whirl weekend. Indeed’s Whirlygig 2017 is a celebration within that celebration, three-days (May 19th-21st), of serious music from bands like the Marijuana Deathsquads, artisan eats (Blue door Pub, Nate dogs) and serious beer (Remember their controversial LSD beer? It’s coming back this weekend).

On The Big Screen – Director Ridley Scott is returning to the Alien franchise he gave birth almost 38 years ago. The advance buzz on his latest has been that it’s pretty damn horrifying (and we mean that in the most positive way). And even more promising, Alien: Covenant’s hard-R gore and unsentimental narrative hints at his original masterpiece. Set in a remote region of outer, outer space, the crew of the colony ship Covenant, discover what they first take as a planetary paradise, that soon turns dark and dangerous when (surprise!),  an alien life-form forces the crew to drastically reconsider things.

Extreme Beer Peruvian Style (Lima Peru) – The Extreme Craft Beer Sessions will be returning to Lima’s bohemian Barranco neighborhood this weekend and it’s always a seriously good time! Now in its third year, this year’s festival will feature the most exciting breweries in Peru, all of whom will be bringing one classic brew and one “Extreme” beer! We are expecting to see more exotic combinations of Peru’s famous food ingredients, such as purple corn or exotic fruit from the jungle, artfully infused into some tasty “Chelas” (beer in Peruvian”).  And as the ONLY American site to have been covering the Peruvian craft beer scene since it started, we can say with “Extreme” confidence, this weekend’s “beerganza” is an absolute must do! 

, AMERICAN CRAFT BEER’S “SUMMER’S COMING” WEEKEND PICKSTV Time & StreamingThe Americans recently returned to FX for its fifth season and if you’ve not as yet given this entertaining yet challenging Cold War drama its due, you’re missing out on some world-class TV. Set in the Reagan era 1980’s, Elizabeth (Keri Russell) and Philip Jennings (Matthew Rhys) star as two Soviet KGB spies posing as an American married couple, with children, in the suburbs of Washington, DC. Not to be missed!  



With the temperatures expected to soar this weekend we’ll be running for the shade and thankfully Ninkasi Brewing has us covered. Brewed with a hand-selected menu of eight pungent and dank hop varieties that are completed by an abundance of flaked barley, Ninkasi Maiden The Shade is a 6.8% ABV Summer IPA, that get even more perfect by the day.

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