American Craft Beer’s Guide To Good Books

American Craft Beer delivers craft beer news and lifestyle 24/7. And maybe that’s why we’re constantly being hit up by different media groups asking us to share with our readers, everything from hangover cures to new music, movies, and books…And here are three crafty books worth your time.


, American Craft Beer’s Guide To Good BooksThe American Craft Beer Cookbook: 155 Recipes from Your Favorite Brewpubs and Breweries by John Holl

We’re not foodies hear at ACB, but we do know beer and so does our good friend, author and journalist John Holl, (who also happens to be the award- winning editor of All About Beer). And unlike our crew, who can barely negotiate a can of tuna fish, John understands the nuances cooking like he understands his beer. Now in its paperback edition, his collection of 155 beer-fueled recipes is beautifully photographed, craftily designed, and wide-raging in its suggestions….and it may be the only cookbook we’ll ever need.



, American Craft Beer’s Guide To Good BooksGoodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People by Karla Oceanak and Illustrated by Allie Ogg

If you’ve ever had children, you know there’s a pantheon of childhood classics that are now part of our pop-cultural DNA, and Good Night Moon is without a doubt, one of them. Writer, editor (and clearly a beer lover) Karla “Ann E. Briated” Oceanak has written a beer-infused homage to that nursery classic that’s so much more than just a cute parody. Smartly illustrated by Allie Ogg Good Night Brew is a wonderful idea and a lighthearted entertainment that deserves its own place on the bookshelf of craft beer loving parents.



Wood & Beer: A Brewer’s Guide, American Craft Beer’s Guide To Good Books by Dick Cantwell and Peter Bouckaert

The use of wooden vessels in aging of beer is deeply rooted in history. And today’s craft brewers are increasingly embracing the seemingly endless complexity of flavors and aromas that can come from wood. From the souring effects of microbes that can live in the wood to the character drawn from barrels or foeders, Wood & Beer covers the world of wood with consistency and clarity – and makes its almost mystical components understandable.

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