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ACB covers craft beer news, entertainment and lifestyle 24/7, and we’d like to think we do a decent job. But there’s a lot of great craft beer journalism out there – and were constantly running into articles that we wished that we’d written. 

So welcome to another ACB Newswire – recent articles that we’ve enjoyed – and thought you might as well.

, American Craft Beer NewswireWinning Aptitudes  

Fortune is one of the mainstream platforms that does a good job covering craft beer and they recently did a nice piece on piece on what’s what with craft beer apps and yes, they start with Untapped which they call “the Facebook of the beer drinking world.” But 6 great apps for craft beer lovers also addresses up-and-comers Brewery Passport and Next Glass which offer cool options as well.

20 Best Cities For Drinking Beer In the States

Articles like Business Insider’s 20 best cities for beer drinkers can be interesting and infuriating at the same time.  And this article makes both obvious and appropriate picks (San Diego, Portland, Fort Collins) and some truly questionable ones as well, (hey we like Cleveland and we LOVE Miami- but neither of those cities qualify as true craft beer destinations – not even close!) 


, American Craft Beer NewswireRemembering Maytag

Tom Rotunno covers the craft beer industry for CNBC and he always does a great job. But we found his recent article How Anchor Brewing changed the beer business particularly interesting – and we only wish we had thought to write it.


, American Craft Beer NewswireHome To The Best Beer In The World?

Of the 10 Trappist monasteries that produce beer, the Trappist monks at The Abbey of Saint Sixtus of Westvleteren, are the smallest producers of the lot. And although they brew only enough beer to support themselves and their abbey, they have commanded the world’s respect. Some consider these monks among the best brewers in the world a Business Insider did a wonderful profile on them last Friday that you can read here.

Building Your Career Out Of Beer Bottles

Talk about putting those empty beer bottles to good use. Food and Wine recently reported on Li Rongjun, an architecture-school graduate who got his post-collegiate career off to an audacious start by constructing his own office out of 8,500 beer bottles. And Mike Pomrantz taps into his genius in This Young Architect Built His office Out Of Beer Bottles.



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