Tavour: THE Craft Beer Gift for the Holidays

, Tavour: THE Craft Beer Gift for the Holidays

As families huddle up to game plan their Black Friday shopping sprees and beer geeks stand in long lines for specialty craft beer releases, it’s definitely clear that our obsession with getting the next big thing at the best price is high on our collective to-do lists.

Personally, I don’t get that itch that only shopping can scratch. I primarily buy things when they’re a necessity and I don’t have 20 people to buy gifts for every year – call me a simpleton, but I don’t need to feed the beast on Black Friday. I eat leftovers and enjoy the company of whomever I’m spending my thanksgiving with.

Like many people, when I do have extra money to blow, I spend it online. I find the best prices and have things shipped right to my door, eliminating the need to wear body armor at Walmart or find myself at the bottom of a scrum in attempting to procure a Hatchimal – whatever the hell that is…

And to be quite honest, I have many friends and family members who don’t want something from a brick and mortar store, but prefer something hand crafted and generally they don’t want more crap cluttering up their homes. Gift certificates can be impersonal, unless it’s for something very specific that they’ll love to use.

That’s where Tavour comes in – the Seattle-based beer concierge service that caters to those looking for new beers they can’t find in their area. They go out of their way to find great, under-the-radar offerings, then let their members know what’s available via two emails every day. Here’s an example of what their emails look like:

So it’s not a beer of the month club, but more a daily opportunity to have the “freshest, trendiest and highest rated beers from coast to coast” set aside for you, shipped out once a month by private courier and there’s no membership fee to join. And if you’re not ready to buy, you don’t have to.

If the craft beer lover in your life lives in one of the 13 states that Tavour delivers to (Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Ohio, New York, Washington DC and Connecticut), you can’t go wrong with their new gift card option. With over 60 options to choose from every month, it’s an awesome way to allow them to thoughtfully pick and choose what they want.

, Tavour: THE Craft Beer Gift for the Holidays

While it’s not as cool as waiting in line 3 hours, in 35 degree weather, on your day off for some expensive “rare” beer, nor as fun as joining the ER inducing stampede at your local department store, your craft beer recipients will thank you. You’ll provide them a way to get local beers from around the world at their front door for years to come.

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, Tavour: THE Craft Beer Gift for the Holidays
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, Tavour: THE Craft Beer Gift for the Holidays
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