6 Beers From Stone Brewing To Enjoy While They Sue MillerCoors

Yesterday Greg Koch announced that Stone Brewing was suing MillerCoors over their very blatant use of “Stone” in their Keystone branding. And although we don’t expect this litigation battle to be prolonged (Stone Brewing is so clearly in the right), we’ve  6 essential Stone offerings that will make watching this thing even more fun.

Anything Arrogant Bastard

In spite of the fact that Stone Brewing made Arrogant Bastard a whole separate line under the Arrogant Brewing banner in 2015, they are still ‘Stone to the bone’ when it comes to legal posturing. So you’ll need to be armed with any Arrogant Bastard variation if they end up taking MillerCoors to court.

We do suggest Double Bastard in particular if this litigation battle gets extended.

And there’s always Crime and Punishment.

Scorpion Bowl IPA

A new addition to Stone’s year-round portfolio, you’ll want to have this fruitless, yet fruity 7.5% ABV IPA, which ships on February 26th, to celebrate MillerCoors eventually getting stung.

Stone Ruination Double IPA 2.0

And while they’re taking on Big Beer, you’ll want a ‘big beer’ in hand and Stone Ruination Double IPA 2.0 is about as big, bold and arrogantly aromatic as it gets.

Stone Vengeful Spirit IPA

Probably no Stone beer is as tonally on target as Steve Wagner, Greg Koch and crew take on an international beer behemoth the scale of MillerCoors.

Stone Vengeful Spirit IPA is a 7.3% ABV unfiltered India Pale Ale brewed with juicy pineapple and Mandarin orange. And according to the brewery the vengeful spirit behind the IPA’s name, represents their “aggressive intolerance for commoditized beer.”

They also added that “Vengeful spirits can be awesome when they’re on your side.”

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