5 Essential St Patrick’s Day Beers

St, 5 Essential St Patrick’s Day BeersSt. Patrick’s Day is almost HERE and you’re going to need the right beer…And, as always, we’ve some suggestions…

Guinness Foreign Export Stout

First brewed by Arthur Guinness II in 1801, Guinness Foreign Export Stout is the rarer and comparatively stronger, at least by Guinness standards, 7.5% ABV addition to the brewery’s esteemed family of dry stouts.

Richer than its more commonly available brethren, this stout was brewed to hold up when exported far from home, which helps explain its heightened ABV and hoppier profile.

Guinness Foreign Export Stout is an exceptional find any day of the week, but on St Patrick’s Day, it’s a godsend!

Firestone Nitro Merlin

Introduced as a draft-only release more than three years ago, Firestone Walker has brilliantly engineered a way to bring their insanely delicious nitro-laced milk stout to cans without relying on a Guinness-like widget.

The brewery’s first canned nitro beer (but we expect that it won’t be their last) Firestone Merlin Milk Stout cans come with a “Master the Surge Pour” instructional graphic to ensure a perfect pour this St Patrick’s Day.

Conway’s Irish Ale

Named to honor the grandfather of Great Lakes Brewing’s co-founders, Conway’s Irish Ale is this heritage brewer’s American take on the “Irish Red” genre.

Brewed a bit stronger at 6.5% ABV than most Irish traditionals, this Great Lake seasonal is basically Kilian’s Red, only MUCH craftier in its instincts.

St, 5 Essential St Patrick’s Day BeersLeft Hand Milk Stout Nitro

If ever there was an American craft brewery whose considerable reputation was deservedly built on the back of a nitro-infused classic, it’s Longmont, Colorado’s award-winning Left Hand Brewing.

Pumped out of its mind on lactose (that’s the milk sugar that gives this beer its appealing creaminess), and fueled on the nitrogen that ensures its deep rich head, Left Hand Brewing’s 6% ABV Milk Stout Nitro is a dynamic American take on what Guinness does so well. And up until Firestone Walker introduced Nitro Merlin, it had few challengers.

Boulevard Irish Red Ale

Unapologetically sweeter than some Irish Reds and tethered to a rich, chocolate and caramel malt bill, Boulevard Brewing’s Irish Red Ale is a smart and flavorful early spring offering, that although perfect for St Patrick’s Day, we wish would hang around all year long.

Pouring deep tawny amber and nicely positioned at 5.8% ABV Boulevard’s Irish Red is an honest tribute to the legendary malt-forward ales of old Ireland that never forgets it’s Midwestern roots.

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St, 5 Essential St Patrick’s Day Beers
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St, 5 Essential St Patrick’s Day Beers St, 5 Essential St Patrick’s Day Beers St, 5 Essential St Patrick’s Day Beers St, 5 Essential St Patrick’s Day Beers St, 5 Essential St Patrick’s Day Beers
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