20 Cities With The Most Expensive Beers In The World

, 20 Cities With The Most Expensive Beers In The WorldWith summer fast approaching, many of us have begun to plan our getaways, adventures in exotic locations and cool places to enjoy beer. But beer prices can vary wildly in different cities around the world and here are 20 cities you need to avoid like a plague, if you plan on drinking more than one beer.

The Deutsche Bank recently released a special report where they mapped out the prices on widely products and services around the world. And they smartly included beer in their market research, so now you can plan on where NOT to vacation this summer.

Using data that they sourced from Expatistan, a site that tracks cost-of-living expenses in the “expat” neighborhoods (read tourist areas) in over 200 countries, they ranked the 20 most expensive cities in the world drinking beer around the world. And thankfully they translated those prices into US dollars.

Turns out Oslo, Norway, which has a growing and vibrant craft beer scene, is also home to the most expensive city for beer in the world, and at $13.40 a pint needs to be avoided at all costs…

Singapore at $12.20 and Hong Kong at $10.40 aren’t much better and unfortunately their beer scenes are well behind Oslo’s, so why bother?

Things are predictably high ($10) in NYC, which ranked #4 in the Top 20, followed by Boston at #5 where you’ll pay approximately $9.80 for that designer brewski…San Francisco which was ranked at #15 was the only other American that made the list and at $8.40 a pint we promise you they weren’t drinking beer…just sayin’.

So check out their rankings and plan your vacations accordingly…


The World’s Most Expensive Cities To Drink Beer

  1. Oslo, Norway; $13.40
  2. Singapore; $12.20
  3. Hong Kong; $10.40
  4. New York, US; $10.00
  5. Boston, US; $9.80
  6. Paris, France; $9.50
  7. Stockholm, Sweden; $9.40
  8. Melbourne, Australia; $9.10
  9. Zurich, Switzerland; $9.10
  10. Dublin, Ireland; $8.80
  11. Copenhagen, Denmark; $8.80
  12. Auckland, NZ; $8.80
  13. London, England; $8.70
  14. Helsinki, Finland; $8.50
  15. San Francisco, US; $8.40
  16. Shanghai, China; $8.00
  17. Edinburgh, Scotland; $7.90
  18. Wellington, NZ; $7.90
  19. Milan, Italy; $7.90
  20. Sydney, Australia; $7.30

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