15 Classic Beer Slogans That Haven’t Aged Well

, 15 Classic Beer Slogans That Haven’t Aged Well

(Miller would never okay this today)

Over the years w’ve showcased some of craft beer’s best slogans…But many of the traditional beer slogans that were widely celebrated back in the day, have not held up as well over the years…And here are some unfortunate examples.

Carlsberg Brewing (UK) – Slogan: Carlsberg…Probably the best beer in the world.”   Really? You’re not sure?

Old Milwaukee Beer (US) – Slogan:  “It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!”   And unfortunately, this sucks.

St. Pauli Girl (US)  – Slogan: “Put her on a pedestal, or a coaster.”   In today’s politically correct climate we’re pretty sure we wouldn’t be going there.

Toohey’s Beer (UK) – Slogan: “How do you feel? I feel like a Toohey’s.”     Hey, we feel like shit…you got that?

Dos Equis (US) – Slogan:  “Sooner or later you’ll get it.”    So the message is to keep trying? How long?

Coors Light ( US) – Slogan: “This is our beer.”   Good to know.

Molson Canadian – Slogan: “I am Canadian.”    Also good to know.

Amstel (US) – Slogan: “Our beer.”   Expect a cease and desist from Coors Light.

Amstel Light (US) – Slogan: “Could be the world’s best tasting light beer.”  Guess they weren’t sure.

Stella Artois (US) – Slogan: “Looks ugly. Tastes great.”   We’re not kidding…that was part of their plastic beer bottle campaign. But there was also…”Stella Artois. Reassuringly expensive.”

Courage Beer (UK) – Slogan: “It’s what your right arm’s for.”   Not your hands? We’ve absolutely no idea where they were going with this campaign.

Guinness (UK) – Slogan; “Him Strong”  Not sure where Guiness was going with this back in 1960…But they’d never get away with that in 2024.

Lowenbrau (UK) Slogan: The world’s most exclusive and expensive beer.” Pretty sure this one wouldn’t fly either, given today’s economy

 Newcastle Brown Ale (UK) Slogan: “A bottle of dog. The number one and only” “A bottle of Dog?” We’ve no clue what they were thinking.

Hamm’s (US) Slogan: “Have a nice day. Somewhere else.” Again, no clue.

Kirin Ichiban (UK) Slogan: “Brewed with ruthless inefficiency.” That’s something you’re proud of?



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