World Domination – The Chinese Now Drink More Beer than Anybody!

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How could this have happened?

Shouldn’t the CIA have given us some kind of a heads-up or something?

The Chinese are now the biggest consumers of beer in the world. They drink double the volume of the nearest rival- and that’s us- according to a recently issued Mintel Press Release.

China is currently chugging down 50 billion litersof their favorite “fizzy yellow” – that’s an incrediable 29 percent increase in just five years!

When you consider that the U.S. now consumes 24 billion liters of beer a year, followed by Brazil which consumes 14 billion and Russia and Germany who both consume 9 billion liters, it’s time for us to face the brutal truth.


As in many countries with developing economies, like Brazil, India, or Russia, China’s population has seen their disposable incomes rise significantly over the last decade. And in spite of the country’s recent economic downturn,  Chinese citizens still see beer as a primary pleasure that they’ve chosen to spend their money on.

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It is beer, not wine or whiskey that is their drink of choice at banquets (62 percent).

It’s beer that they entertain with at home (61 percent).

Chinese consumers are choosing beer more often with their meals (41 percent), they’re drinking it more with colleagues after work (43 percent), and at 50 billion liters a year we’re betting they’re drinking it before work too!

So it appears that the future has arrived, and unfortunately we’re not in it.


China has undoubtably emerged as the biggest brewhounds in the world..and left us crying in our beer.

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