“Weed Is The New Craft Beer” Says Ex-Bud Exec

“This bud’s for you” means something entirely different nowadays to Chris Burggraeve, the former Anheuser-Busch chief marketing officer who recently moved from beer into the fast growing world of commercial pot.

A native of Belgium with a master’s degree in economics, Burggraeve’s now on the advisory board of GreenRush Group a San Francisco-based startup, which aspires to be the ‘Amazon of weed’ and just closed its $3.6 million Series A fundraising last week.

 Burggraeve also co-founded Toast, which makes DOSED, pre-rolled joints, so clearly this ex-beer exec is now ‘all in’ when it comes to weed…

“The same way that craft beer started and, for the longest time, was ignored and then exploded, there’s no reason why the same thing wouldn’t happen in this space,” Burggraeve told Bloomberg. “This is one of the fastest-growing categories globally… you ignore it at your peril.”

And clearly, beverage giant Constellation Brands couldn’t agree more having recently purchased a 9.9% stake in Canopy Growth the world’s largest publicly traded cannabis company with a market value of £1.3 billion.

According to the WSJ, Constellation will be exploring the development of non-alcoholic cannabis drinks like sodas, coffees and fruit –based drinks, which are expected to become legal in Canada as early as 2019.

Pot Beer Image Credit: Mitchell Maglio

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  • Kay Donovan

    Weed is the new craft beer? i’m sorry, but what in the hell are they smoking? oh wait…
    Jokes aside, I could see mary being the next beeg thing for recreational substances, but comparing it to craft beer is a bit inane. Also, weed legalization and craft beer availability in restaurants works very differetly, just compare the statistics.
    But anyway, it’s an interesting topic for discussion, there are just way to many overlooked details.

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