Stone Brewing Serves Up Environmentally Friendly Green Beer


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Having survived another St Patrick’s Day, most of us would probably hope to never see another glass of green beer again.

But green beer means something else entirely for Stone Brewing and the city of San Diego. And what it means might just be craft brewing’s future.

Stone Brewing recently feted San Diego’s high profile movers and shakers, at their Liberty Station brewery in Pont Loma, to premier their idea of “green beer.”

And no we’re not talking the dyed green lager that we’ve all seen too much of…The “green” here has to do with this Southern California city’s commitment to the environment and its water.

The beer that was reportedly being served Thursday afternoon’s celebration – which was hosted by Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Stone’s COO Pat Tiernan, was brewed using a special cleansed water that could be in San Diego’s future once their proposed “purified water program” becomes a reality.

Once completed, San Diego’s pure water initiative”, that some have playfully reoffered to as a “toilet to tap”, will take wastewater (which is now treated and released into the ocean), cleanse it and return it purified to city’s fresh water system.

According to CW6 the system, which has already been successfully used for some time in Orange County, is expected to be completed in San Diego by 2035 – and at that point will “provide one-third of the city’s water.”

For Stone (and for breweries in cities everywhere), this marriage of reclaimed ultra-pure water and beer might just be the future…especially in California.

And last Thursday that future was now.


Images courtesy of Stone Brewing

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