Quick Hits – BrewDog USA Staffs Up, QingMing Beer And More!

At American Craft Beer, the beer biz never sleeps. And here’s just some of what’s been happening with craft beer, while you were enthusiastically drinking your way through the weekend.

Chicago’s Field Museum Offers New Beer Inspired By Ancient Chinese Techniques (Illinois) – Chicago’s world famous Field Museum has introduced the second in their series of historically inspired beers that you can enjoy now when you visit. While their first beer was inspired by the people of southern Peru, their latest collaboration looks to China.

A collaboration between the Field Museum and Chicago’s Off Color Brewing, QingMing is an attempt to recreate an ancient brew that leans heavily on jasmine, along with honey peaches, plums, and jujube fruit (Chinese dates). The ingredients and techniques that went into crafting this beer reportedly come from source materials discovered at archaeological sites from the Late Shang/Western Zhou dynasties’, and the result was deliciously unexpected.

QingMing, which debuted at the Field Museum last week, is a 9.5% Ancient Ale with big floral notes and an interesting almost sake character. It’s available now at the museum and at “select retailers” in the Chicago area for those of you not smart enough for museums.


Words To Drink By (Frederick, MD) – “Looking back on the history of censorship, it has only destroyed lives and it has never been the solution to any issue in society.” – Jim Caruso CEO, Flying Dog Brewing


BrewDog USA Staffs Up Bigtime! (Winchester, OH) – Just a year ago, the long delayed BrewDog USA operation had only two employees. Fast forward to today, and not only is their new Ohio-based brewery up and running, but they’ve staffed up considerably, with more than 100 new players now part of BrewDog’s American operation.

Now with BrewDog kegs flying out of their warehouse, they’ve announced a big new signing who will be helming their new US operation.

Managing the Madness is T Robinson who steps in as BrewDog’s first US Managing Director, having founded and built several tech companies in the past including TicketFire, a popular mobile app that allows users to turn paper tickets into a digital ones.

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