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LogoThe emergence of craft breweries around the US has sparked a revival in the humble growler. As breweries searched for a cheap yet effective way of selling their product for home consumption when bottling was not an option, the growler emerged as the idyllic vessel. The growler has come a long way from a 2-gallon galvanized bucket, growling from the escaping CO2 (the growling noise giving way to the name), to a 64 oz. canvas for personal expression.

In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, growlers are an essential part of the craft beer experience. With the surge of new breweries in DFW, many who only keg at the moment, the growler lets residents stop off at local filling stations and enjoy these brews outside of the bar.

Recognizing this niche opportunity in our market, Jake McKnight and Brian Simoneaux joined forces to found Haüs of Growlers. In pondering ways to make an impact on the current growler craze, these entrepreneurs decided to provide customers with the means to personalize their own growlers by offering unique and funky designs. “Usually when you see growlers, they have the logo of the Beer Molecule Growlerbrewery or bar, and we wanted to spice it up and try something different like designs you might see on a T-shirt,” said Jake. The 64 oz. glass growlers feature fun catchphrases, such as “Keep Calm and Drink Beer” and neat designs like the beer molecule. There is something to please everyone. In addition to pre-labeled growlers, Haüs of Growlers offers customized designs, hand-painted by local artists from around the metroplex.

“The support from the community has been incredible,” said Jake. “We didn’t want to take away from breweries or bars. We admire their craft – they are good people and we wanted to find a way to be involved and supportive.”

Shortly after debuting at the Big Texas Beer Festival, several designs sold out. Those growlers are a constant presence at the area filling stations as craft beer lovers, like myself, stock up on local favorites.

Jake and Brian wanted to create something that was unique, fun, and supported craft beer – and with Haüs of Growlers, they have succeeded. Their growlers allow me to tote around my local brew with style and class. To purchase your own growler, please visit their website www.hausofgrowlers.com or look for them at area beer events.

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