Breweries Scale Back – Short’s And Golden Road Brewing

Two American breweries, one in Michigan, the other in Southern California, are scaling back their expectations in different ways…and for differing reasons.

First Short’s

Bellaire, Michigan’s Shorts Brewing, which began distributing their beers out-of-state last year, has announced that they will be “pulling out of Pennsylvania immediately with the potential of decreasing their distribution footprint further in the coming months.”

Short’s decision to scale back their distribution expectations was based on increased sales which led to corresponding low inventory levels.

Short’ stated that they are is working diligently to increase production efficiencies in the coming months to alleviate pressure on growing demand and will be “using the upcoming months to focus on their home market and to strengthen their brewery” for future growth and innovation.”

And at Golden Road a different kind of pull back….

Since April, Golden Road Brewing, an AB InBev property, has been trying to open a beer garden in Oakland’s upcoming Temescal neighborhood.

But the LA-based brewery has reportedly faced growing opposition in Oakland since March, when it filed a zoning design review application which detailed their plans to take over a large parking lot and convert it into an urban beer garden, utilizing seven converted shipping container…

After facing sometimes vociferous public opposition to their original proposal, Golden Road has decided to scale back plans significantly and will renew the zoning process with a substantially down-sized vision that pairs off almost 4000 sq. feet from their original concept.

Sam Gilbert, the owner of Temescal Brewing, which shares the same neighborhood that Golden Road hopes to move in to, has been a vocal opponent of Golden Road ever since it was first proposed.

In an email Gilbert positioned the Southern Californian brewery’s decision to open an outlet in Oakland as, “part of a larger, deliberate attack on local, independent beer by a multinational beer conglomerate that does not share the values of us or our customers.”

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