Beer Ads – Bud Light Thinks Craft Beer Is Too Complex

Bud Light, whose sales continue to decline amid the craft beer revolution, will soon be introducing a new prime time commercial to bolster its image. And its pitch seems to be that craft beer is just too complex to be enjoyable, let alone to be ‘real’ beer.

Over the last decade AB InBev has increasingly struggled to manage the sales losses on America’s most popular beer brand. Since 2010, Bud Light’s market share has slipped from 19% to 16%.

Keep in mind that in spite of craft beer’s emergence traditional lagers still command a majority of America’s market share. Bud Light finished last year with 16.2% share, followed by Coors Light (7.0%), Budweiser (6.6%) and Miller Lite (6.2%), according to Beer Marketer’s Insights.

Still Anheuser-Busch hopes to stem Bud Light’s erosion. And in an effort restore some mojo to their lager, they’ve enlisted the aid of advertising “wunderkinds’ Wieden & Kennedy, to craft two commercial as part of their “Famous Among Friends” campaign.

One spot in particular is clearly aimed at drinkers who prefer ‘regular old beer’as opposed to all those “fancy” beer variations, a not-so-subtle putdown of craft beer in general.

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