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Warren is the Assistant Editor & Portland Correspondent for American Craft Beer. Regular contributions include "The State of American Craft Beer" series and the "What the Hell Is" series on beer styles. "Anything worth doing, is worth doing right." ~Hunter S. Thompson

The State of American Craft Beer – Wyoming

Wouldn't you know it... we made it to the 50th state - the 51st and final entry in the series. Somehow this 34 month odyssey is finally complete, ending with the last state of the union alphabetically, The Equality State, Wyoming.

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The State of American Craft Beer – Wisconsin

After nearly 3 years into the series, we’ve made it all the way to #50 on the list and since the next edition will be the final one in the series, it must be Miller Time. Of course it's The Badger State and America's Dairyland, Wisconsin.

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The State of American Craft Beer – West Virginia

We're in the final stretch of the series alphabetically and with over two-and-a-half years in the books, we’ve made it to #49 on the list, The Mountain State, West Virginia.  As you may have guessed, the state’s nickname comes from the Appalachian Mountains dominating the eastern portion of the state.

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The State of American Craft Beer – Washington D.C.

We know the District of Columbia is not a state, yet it's the only US territory that's on the Brewers Association's Sales and Production stats page. And we probably should have alphabetically listed this under the D's, but we also might drink a bit too much, so there's that...

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The State of American Craft Beer – Seattle, Washington

Due to the sheer size of Washington's craft beer scene, just like California, Colorado and Oregon before it, we've had to break the state up into multiple articles. And just like Oregon, the history of brewing in the state all began in the largest city, in this case, Seattle.

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Great Notion’s U-Pick One of Eighteen Art & Beer Pairings

With each brewery and cidery assigned a different work of art, it's only apt that Great Notion's canvas for inspiration is where they source some of the fruits for their most popular beers, Sauvie Island. One of 18 featured art pairings at next Saturday's Art & Beer: Pitchering Oregon exhibition.

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