5 Craft Beer Ideas We’re Not Sure About

Reconsider that beerIf you read us regularly (and we don’t know why you wouldn’t) you understand better than most that we’ve got opinions about almost everything. That doesn’t mean that we’re better informed or any smarter than the guy at the bar drinking next to you – it only means that we’ve opinions. Some of those opinions we’re pretty sure we got right – others not so much.

And here are five craft beer ideas that we’re really not sure about…

1. Roller Coaster Beer – Cedar Point, an amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio that bills itself as ‘the Roller Coaster Capital of the World,” has partnered with a local brewery and come up with a special park exclusive beer to toast their new Rougarou roller coaster – and we think it’s reasonable to be concerned.

10-precious-beer.w529.h529.2x2. Collagen Infused Beer – There’s a new beer in Japan being marketed to women as a beauty aid that is adding a whole new dimension to the “beer goggles” thing. Precious is a light, collagen-infused beer that purports to renew the skin’s natural elasticity while you’re power-pounding back your beers. And as much as we appreciate Asian beauties, we still have questions about this.

3. Craft Beer Media – We know these people – Hell, we are these people – And just because we may sound like we may know a little more than you doesn’t mean we always know what we’re talking about. Let alone what’s the best.

rogue-ales-beard-beer-label4. Craft Beers Brewed With Unusual Ingredients – Just because something’s possible doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good idea. Was the world clamoring for a beer brewed with whale testicles? How about a beer brewed using yeast harvested from someone’s beard? We’re really not sure about that one!

5. Craft Beer Months – We think that craft beer weeks are kind ofcute – that they can help promote the biz and highlight the craft beer scene in different cities and regions. But at what point is enough, enough and things like this begin to lose their luster? We think the growing trend towards “Craft Beer Months” might be a step too far, no matter how rich a region’s bounty. (Oregon and North Carolina – were looking at you!) Things like this always escalate – and besides, no one needs a Craft Beer Year.

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